"TM LOGISTICS" specializes in the cross-docking and management of import and export shipments, either at its own facilities in Aspropyrgos, or at the client's or transporter's facilities, on the basis of the variable cost principle. These services are directed at the transport and forwarding sector. T-M Logistics' immaculate track record for operation in more than 12 years is the best insurance as regards the quality of its services, combined with its experienced and specialist employees and the provision of appropriate equipment and infrastructure, in the following fields: 


  • Loading and unloading of export/import cargoes.
  • Taking up, survey, itemization, volume measuring of shipments.
  • Scanning (bar coding), labeling.
  • Checking the taking up & delivery of shipments
  • Temporary storage regime.
  • Insurance of goods in temporary storage.


  • Reception of shipments from the shipper at the warehouse.
  • Delivery of shipments from the warehouse to the consignee.
  • Client-to-client shipment movement.
  • Management of bonded (COD, DAD) shipments.
  • Urgent same-day deliveries.
  • Supplying of personnel and special transportation means.
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