"TM LOGISTICS" fully understands that different businesses have different needs, and markets don't always stay the same. For this reason we study the requirements of each client and devise the ways and means to serve them better, especially in the case of special categories of goods:

  • For perishable and sensitive goods, we ensure special handling and storage conditions.
  • Special spaces are available for industrial materials according to their packaging form (in bulk, in sacks, cardboard boxes, cans, pallets, containers).
  • High value or small volume goods are placed under a special management regime.

We mention in short the following kinds of facilities that integrate a wider spectrum of services:

  • On-line reception of clients' daily orders.
  • Processing, preparation and collections of each client's daily orders in special spaces within the warehouse compound.
  • Stamping of barcodes, anti-theft devices, pasting of operating instructions, palleting, affixing of gift packages, creation of promotional packaging, labeling.
  • Routing and re-control of orders.
  • Control of ordered cargoes before loading on distribution vehicles.
  • Client notification on orders to be carried out in case changes are to be carried out.
  • Computerized issuing of cargo documents.
  • Operation of computer network; on-line connection with clients; operation of ERP system for continuous information interface.
  • Collection and distribution of shipments throughout Greece.
  • Management of goods returned to be destroyed.
  • Reverse logistics.
  • Empty pallets management (monitoring, transportation, collection, storage, handling).
  • Monitoring, management and support at every stage of goods flow.
  • Collection, analysis and dispatch of all statistical data to clients.
  • Goods itemization according to clients' instructions.
  • Supply chain node services; 3PL.
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